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Corporate Social Responsibility Overview

Corporate Social Responsibility Overview
Corporate social responsibility: we always keep responsible business operations, actively promote cleaning production, undertake environmental and social responsibilities, and continue to meet the needs of our employees, shareholders and communities, and even exceed the expectations of stakeholders. At Tianyu, it is not only a legal and social responsibility to protect employees and the environment, but also one of the core issues in all our operations. Safety, health and environment protection are an indivisible component of all our operations. We will strictly follow the relevant laws, regulations and standards of the state and local authorities, actively implement the responsibility-related guidelines and the global pharmaceutical supply chain standard (PSCI), as well as develop and strictly implement the EHS management procedures of the company. We will insist on the integrative operation of the EHS comprehensive management system and gradually complete the EHS management system through the internal and external management system audits and the national safety production standardization certification. We will protect the occupational health and safety of employees and protect the environment and company facilities from harmful influences. We carefully select suppliers subject to EHS guidelines to ensure that our suppliers meet the basic EHS regulatory requirements and assume the social responsibility. We will abide by ethical and behavioral standards, conduct business in line with the code of conduct, and maintain their authority to ensure that our employees uphold our values. 

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
Sustainable development: In Tianyu Pharmaceutical, we have realized that only a firm that is responsible for the environment and society can achieve the sustainable economic development. Thus in our case, the sustainable development means a long-term commitment to meeting the demands of the present and future generations. 

We will seek after and insist on a strategy of continuous war. Therefore, we will always assume the environmental and social responsibility, regard the safe and health of employees, related parties, and community people as well as environment protection as our sacred duty while creating value for shareholders and society, and promise to ensure that the company will leave a clear blue sky for future generations while owning a long-term competitive advantage for the community. 
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